vim – revisited

vim – revisited

Even though I have been using vim for years now, I realized I should renew and improve what I know about vim in general, especially plugins and stuff. And then there’s a pethora of keyboard shortcuts which can make one’s life a lot easier and more productive.

So there will be a series of blog posts about vim, ranging from the most basic keyboard shortcuts (as a refresher) to more advanced topics like plugins and tuning .vimrc

Let’s look at how we can move around:

H top window line
M middle window line
L last window line
[RETURN] or + or [down arrow] or j down one line
– or [up arrow] or k up one line
) to the next sentence (defined by a .)
( to the previous sentence
} to the next paragraph (defined by an empty line)
{ to the previous paragraph
W word forward
B word back (to 1st character)


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