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Month: July 2016

Why I moved from Dokuwiki to WordPress

Why I moved from Dokuwiki to WordPress

It has happend: a new engine and a new look for

After more than 10 years with Dokuwiki, I thought it was high time to move forward and try something new.

A new concept

I used my Wiki to document on the go, write down snippets and some medium sized Howtos (or articles). But a large part of the contents is outdated now and I haven’t been happy with the template for quite some time. Furthermore, I was thinking more and more about this blogging thing.

The template question

Dokuwiki is a great peace of software – but there is one major problem that has been bothering me for a long time: there isn’t a single modern, responsive template I like. I used the Arctic Template from the beginning. It was a pretty cool template back then, with a modern look and all the functionality I needed.

But sadly, the template isn’t really responsive and mobile friendly. Furthermore it is stuck in some sort of “just keep it alive” maintenance mode. I hoped for better templates, but all what is available today can’t really compete with the alternatives. But it is what it is: a wiki. And for a wiki, the templates are pretty good.

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