Mediaserver - Introduction

Notes and information regarding my actual home project: a media server based upon Linux.

I started this because our DVD player for the backup tv died and I wasn't willing to buy a replacement device. At that time I was already experimenting with streaming to our BD player in the living room. Unsatisfied with its abiltity to record tv programs I thought is was time to start researching for the ultimate solution to our media needs :-)

What I already did was setting up Windows Media Center (Windows 7), plug my Tevii S660 into the USB-Port, configure everything and do some testing. Everyting was installed, configured and ready to go within 30 minutes. How boring! Doing the same with Linux, fiddling with drivers, remote control, uncountable config files for a broad range of software available to choose from - what could be more fun? 8-)

The hardware I am actually working with as my Linux mediaserver prototype is quite underpowered and outdated (and everything but silent). But I think the hardware could be sufficient to do the proof of concept: Mediaserver - hardware

Update 2013-11: wrong assumption, don't waste your time with old hardware - old hardware might still be suitable for some scenarios, but certainly not for a media server! You have been warned.

What's on my wishlist:

  • VDR - recordings made easy and portable
  • Webfrontend
  • DVD playback
  • streaming videos to BD player and other devices (Android tablet)
  • easy access to storage via samba
  • watching TV with the Tevii S660
  • working remote control
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