The Network File System.


show mount information for an NFS server


   -a or --all
		  List both the client hostname and mounted directory in host:dir format.

   -d or --directories
		  List only the directories mounted by some client.

   -e or --exports
		  Show the NFS server’s export list.

   -h or --help
		  Provide a short help summary.

   -v or --version
		  Report the current version number of the program.

		  Suppress the descriptive headings from the output.

exportfs - maintain list of NFS exported file systems

# /etc/exports -> reexport all directories
exportfs -rv
       -a     Export or unexport all directories.

       -o options,...
              Specify a list of export options in the same manner as in exports(5).

       -i     Ignore  the  /etc/exports  file, so that only default options and options given on the command line are

       -r     Reexport all directories. It synchronizes /var/lib/nfs/xtab with /etc/exports. It  removes  entries  in
              /var/lib/nfs/xtab  which  are  deleted from /etc/exports, and remove any entries from the kernel export
              table which are no longer valid.

       -u     Unexport one or more directories.

       -f     In ’new’ mode, flush everything out of the kernels export table. Any clients that are active  will  get
              new entries added by mountd when they make their next request.

       -v     Be  verbose.  When  exporting  or unexporting, show what’s going on. When displaying the current export
              list, also display the list of export options.
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