The Mutt Mail User Agent

keyboard shortcuts

t - tag (mark) a message
T - tag messages with regex
; - tag prefix, run next command with tagged messages 
b - bounce a mail

;b - bounce all tagged messages

Move around in mutt:

j or Down      next-entry      move to the next entry
k or Up	       previous-entry  move to the previous entry
z or PageDn    page-down       go to the next page
Z or PageUp    page-up	       go to the previous page
= or Home      first-entry     jump to the first entry
* or End       last-entry      jump to the last entry

Howto delete mails older than X

First make sure you are in the right inbox. Then use the `D` command to delete messages by regular expression. When prompted to delete messages, enter ~d >30d. This will delete messages older than 30 days.

Other options are:

  • d for days
  • m for months
  • y for years

Once the desired messages are marked for deletion simply quit mutt to purge or enter $ to avoid quitting mutt.


Many of Mutt's commands allow you to specify a pattern to match (limit, tag-pattern, delete-pattern, etc.). There are several ways to select messages:

    ~A              all messages
    ~b EXPR         messages which contain EXPR in the message body
    ~B EXPR         messages which contain EXPR in the whole message
    ~c USER         messages carbon-copied to USER
    ~C EXPR         message is either to: or cc: EXPR
    ~D              deleted messages
    ~d [MIN]-[MAX]  messages with ``date-sent'' in a Date range
    ~E              expired messages
    ~e EXPR         message which contains EXPR in the ``Sender'' field
    ~F              flagged messages
    ~f USER         messages originating from USER
    ~g              PGP signed messages
    ~G              PGP encrypted messages
    ~h EXPR         messages which contain EXPR in the message header
    ~k              message contains PGP key material
    ~i ID           message which match ID in the ``Message-ID'' field
    ~L EXPR         message is either originated or received by EXPR
    ~l              message is addressed to a known mailing list
    ~m [MIN]-[MAX]  message in the range MIN to MAX *)
    ~n [MIN]-[MAX]  messages with a score in the range MIN to MAX *)
    ~N              new messages
    ~O              old messages
    ~p              message is addressed to you (consults $alternates)
    ~P              message is from you (consults $alternates)
    ~Q              messages which have been replied to
    ~R              read messages
    ~r [MIN]-[MAX]  messages with ``date-received'' in a Date range
    ~S              superseded messages
    ~s SUBJECT      messages having SUBJECT in the ``Subject'' field.
    ~T              tagged messages
    ~t USER         messages addressed to USER
    ~U              unread messages
    ~v              message is part of a collapsed thread.
    ~x EXPR         messages which contain EXPR in the `References' field
    ~y EXPR         messages which contain EXPR in the `X-Label' field
    ~z [MIN]-[MAX]  messages with a size in the range MIN to MAX *)

To delete messages matching a pattern in the subject of the mail enter:

~s "text within subject"

Message index

  c		  change to a different mailbox
  ESC c		  change to a folder in read-only mode
  C		  copy the current message to another mailbox
  ESC C		  decode a message and copy it to a folder
  ESC s		  decode a message and save it to a folder
  D		  delete messages matching a pattern
  d		  delete the current message
  F		  mark as important
  l		  show messages matching a pattern
  N		  mark message as new
  o		  change the current sort method
  O		  reverse sort the mailbox
  q		  save changes and exit
  s		  save-message
  T		  tag messages matching a pattern
  t		  toggle the tag on a message
  ESC t		  toggle tag on entire message thread
  U		  undelete messages matching a pattern
  u		  undelete-message
  v		  view-attachments
  x		  abort changes and exit
  <Return>	  display-message
  <Tab>		  jump to the next new message
  @		  show the author's full e-mail address
  $		  save changes to mailbox
  /		  search
  ESC /		  search-reverse
  ^L		  clear and redraw the screen
  ^T		  untag messages matching a pattern

the muttrc config file


# Headers to ignore
ignore *
unignore From Message-ID Date User-Agent To Cc Bcc Subject
unignore Delivery-date
unignore x-mailer x-url
unignore X-Delivered-to Delivered-To
unignore x-spam-score authentication-results

hdr_order date from to cc subject

# Index format
set index_format="%4C %[%a %Y-%m-%d %X]  %-15.15F %Z (%4c) %s"
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