Upgrade to Lenny

Steps to be performed to upgrade from etch (i386) to lenny. I don't explain why a certain step is done - read the manual found at step one. You should know what you're doing!


  1. back up the contents of /etc, /var/lib/dpkg, /var/lib/aptitude/pkgstates and the output of dpkg –get-selections “*”
  2. disable APT pinning
  3. check packages status (dpkg –audit)
  4. save status (dpkg –get-selections “*” > ~/curr-pkgs.txt)
  5. remove any holds before upgrading (aptitude search “~ahold” | grep “^.h”) or (dpkg –get-selections | grep hold)
  6. adding APT Internet sources


  1. record the session (script -t 2>~/upgrade-lenny.time -a ~/upgrade-lenny.script) - type exit to end the script
  2. view the script at the end of the session: less -R ~root/upgrade-lenny.script
  3. aptitude update
  4. apt-get install debian-keyring debian-archive-keyring
  5. apt-key update
  6. aptitude update
  7. see what would be done: (aptitude -y -s -f –with-recommends dist-upgrade)
  8. apt-get install apt
  9. aptitude install aptitude
  10. aptitude search “?false”
  11. aptitude upgrade
  12. aptitude dist-upgrade

upgrade the kernel

  1. dpkg -l “linux-image*” | grep ^ii
  2. If you do not see any output, then you will need to install a new linux-image package by hand

before reboot

  1. rerun lilo if you're not already using grub (/sbin/lilo)

after reboot

  1. If the new kernel image metapackage was pulled in as a dependency of the old one, it will be marked as automatically installed, which should be corrected: aptitude unmarkauto $(dpkg-query -W 'linux-image-2.6-*' | cut -f1)
  2. remove or update depreciated or obsolete packages
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