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Mirror Bitbucket Server to gitolite

Mirror Bitbucket Server to gitolite

This is about how to mirror git repositories from Bitbucket Server to gitolite (read only).

What’s the matter?
This setup can be tremendously helpful if your Bitbucket Server is not reachable from a node where you want to deploy code via git. Or you need some sort of redundancy.
In this case gitolite has several advantages over another Bitbucket Server instance:

  • super light weight
  • therefor, a minimal footprint in terms of hardware resources
  • easy to set up (if you know how)
  • easy to maintain, very stable
  • you don’t need a Bitbucket Data Center license

What’ required for this setup:

  • a node with gitolite3 installed and setup. For this guide we assume the hostname is ‘gitolite’
  • a node with Bitbucket Server installed and setup. We assume the hostname is ‘bitbucket’
  • the Bitbucket Server plugin “External Hooks” (it is free), install as usual
  • Bitbucket must be able to “talk to” gitolite via ssh (check your firewall)

I won’t cover the installation and the basic setup of Bitbucket, just the steps needed to establish the mirror link between Bitbucket and gitolite.

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Why I moved from Dokuwiki to WordPress

Why I moved from Dokuwiki to WordPress

It has happend: a new engine and a new look for

After more than 10 years with Dokuwiki, I thought it was high time to move forward and try something new.

A new concept

I used my Wiki to document on the go, write down snippets and some medium sized Howtos (or articles). But a large part of the contents is outdated now and I haven’t been happy with the template for quite some time. Furthermore, I was thinking more and more about this blogging thing.

The template question

Dokuwiki is a great peace of software – but there is one major problem that has been bothering me for a long time: there isn’t a single modern, responsive template I like. I used the Arctic Template from the beginning. It was a pretty cool template back then, with a modern look and all the functionality I needed.

But sadly, the template isn’t really responsive and mobile friendly. Furthermore it is stuck in some sort of “just keep it alive” maintenance mode. I hoped for better templates, but all what is available today can’t really compete with the alternatives. But it is what it is: a wiki. And for a wiki, the templates are pretty good.

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