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Thorsten Bäcker
Thorsten Bäcker

I work as a Senior System Administrator at an e-commerce site where I focus on Linux system administration (Debian, Ubuntu), the underlying infrastructure (networks, cluster/cloud computing), infosec (PCI DSS) and automation (Puppet).

System administration is something I have been doing since 1993. I did all the usual helpdesk and support things no matter if it were face to face, via remote access or while traveling all over Germany and Switzerland. For some time I was also involved in database application programming. Besides the sysadmin stuff and from around 1996 on I even did this cool website builder/designer/programmer stuff with HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. But I eventually let these “distractions” behind me and came back to genuine system administration around 2000. I built sites from scratch and installed, upgraded or migrated all sorts of systems.

While I have no problem with Microsoft Windows, I always loved the open source idea and heavily made use of open source software in general.

Besides all the tech and sysadmin stuff I do in my dayjob I am a presbyter in my parish, the “Protestantische Kirchengemeinde Herschweiler-Pettersheim”.

I am also a member of the “Männer-Dämmer-Schoppen” team. The “Männer-Dämmer-Schoppen” is a series of events organized by our parish in the protestant deanery of Kusel.

Since its beginning in 1989 there are usually two events a year where men of all ages come together to talk, discuss and contemplate about social and personal topics.
There is always an expert who presents the chosen topic from a Christian perspective and engages in the discussions.

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About this site

Because I feel a bit suffocated without a root shell this site is running on a virtual private server (VPS) driven by Debian Linux. This gives me the flexibility to host any kind of software I want to use without the annoying restrictions you have if you’re stuck with shared hosting.

This VPS is running Apache, PHP and MySQL. This site is powered by WordPress and Dokuwiki and some other tools (like git repositories, a RSS reader, …) which help me to organize my online life.

About Linux @ work

In 1998 I made first contact with Linux – with SuSE Linux 5.2 to be precise. I struggled with Yast (yet another setup tool) for 6 long years – then I had enough and switched to Debian as the foundation of our server infrastructure.
Since then, a minority of CentOS, RedHat Enterprise Linux hosts joined our friendly Debian family. While Linux is great on the server side, we have had to stick to MS Windows on the client side for the most part of all workstations. Only a small number of clients is now running with Xubuntu and some WINE enabled Windows software.

About Linux @ home

I am using a mix of different OS flavors at home. My main workstation is a dualboot with MS Windows 10 and Xubuntu.