Restore Windows Bootloader, Remove Grub

If you installed a dual-boot system with Linux and Windows 7, grub is usually the boot manager to handle things. But what if you want to remove Linux? Windows 7 should then obviously boot on it's own, without grub.

What you have to do, in order:

  1. make a backup of your Linux install (if you need to)
  2. don't touch the partitions where Linux is installed for now
  3. boot with your Windows Install DVD
  4. choose 'Repair Options', then 'Command Prompt'
  5. execute bootrec.exe /fixmbr
  6. execute bootrec.exe /fixboot
  7. reboot and remove your Windows DVD
  8. Windows should boot directly without grub
  9. you can now remove the Linux partitions and create new ones for Windows or extend your existing Windows partitions
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