Boot from USB flash drive

Recently I had to flash an Intel mainboard on a PC with linux installed. The simplest methold would be to create an CD with the iso provided by Intel I thougt. But that didn't work, the CD refused to boot (I wasn't really surprised).

The only alternative was to boot from an USB drive. Here's how I did it:

  1. plug an USB-Floppy into my Win XP Workstation
  2. format drive A: with the option “create an MS-DOS startup-disk” enabled
  3. download Bart's MKBT
  4. run mkbt -c a: bootsect.bin to extract the bootsector to the file bootsect.bin
  5. insert USB drive, verfy the drive letter assigned (here: F:)
  6. backup everything on the USB drive
  7. format the USB drive with FAT
  8. write the bootsector on the USB drive: mkbt -x bootsect.bin F:
  9. copy everything else from A: to F:
  10. don't forget to copy the flash-utility too ;-)
  11. ready to boot :-)
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