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Authenticate a linux client to Samba Assumption: you are running a Samba3 PDC without LDAP and you want to authenticate your linux clients as well as your windows clients with samba. What will you have to do at your linux client to make this work?
Samba config: smb.conf This is an example smb.conf. I tried to tune some parameters to get a better performance. I used Version 3.6.3 (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS). I also ensured, this instance would not interfere with an already running Samba PDC. So I added the following parameters to accomplish this:
Samba PDC, AD DC Samba3 stuff, and some first notes about the migration to Samba4 ... I have been using Samba for a really long time (since 1998 I think). In the pre Linux era we used Novell Netware and replaced that with Samba, which was a flawless move.
Samba upgrades How to upgrade to a new Samba release Upgrade samba 3.2 to samba 3.4 with backports To connect Windows 7 to our shiny samba server running on Debian Lenny, we need to upgrade at least to samba version 3.3. At backports.org we can find samba version 3.4 (amd64) ready to install. But how to upgrade 3.2? ,
Samba4 AD DC classic upgrade from a Samba3 NT4-style PDC Here you find what I learned while migrating from a single Samba 3 NT4-style Primary Domain Controller (PDC) to Samba 4 with the new Active Directory (AD) Domain Controller (DC) functionality.
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