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Boot from USB flash drive Recently I had to flash an Intel mainboard on a PC with linux installed. The simplest methold would be to create an CD with the iso provided by Intel I thougt. But that didn't work, the CD refused to boot (I wasn't really surprised). ,
Grub Bootloader Grub and Serial Console see: configure_serial_console_access Grub and RAID 1 To install your bootloader on both parts of a software RAID 1 the following steps have to be performed (after every kernelupdate). Our RAID consists of 2 SATA drives (sda1 and sdb1): ,
Lilo example /etc/lilo.conf for a system with sofware-raid and LVM boot=/dev/md0 root=/dev/mapper/vg00-root raid-extra-boot=mbr-only install=menu map=/boot/map delay=100 default=Linux image=/vmlinuz label=Linux read-only initrd=/initrd.img image=/vmlinuz.old label=LinuxOLD read-only optional initrd=/initrd.img.old
Restore Windows Bootloader, Remove Grub If you installed a dual-boot system with Linux and Windows 7, grub is usually the boot manager to handle things. But what if you want to remove Linux? Windows 7 should then obviously boot on it's own, without grub. , ,
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