Samba PDC, AD DC

Samba3 stuff, and some first notes about the migration to Samba4 …

I have been using Samba for a really long time (since 1998 I think). In the pre Linux era we used Novell Netware and replaced that with Samba, which was a flawless move.

Since then Samba has always been the central fileserver and WindowsNT-style domain controller. I had to upgrade from time to time (as described in my upgrade notes, but all in all samba is really low-maintenance.

But nowadays, with dozens of workstations connected to a single DC, Samba 3 is coming to its limits in terms of managebility. Windows 7/8 workstations (as well as the admins wo have to administer them) cry out for Active Directory functionality.

My Samba corner:

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