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The client (inititator) has the ip, the server (target) has the ip

iSCSI target

The scenario: the iscsi target serves its target from a software-raid1. On top of that we have an lvm2 logical volume.

Install the required software (running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)

aptitude install iscsitarget iscsitarget-dkms
Target iqn.2012-12.local.srv:target0
        IncomingUser user1 passwd
        Lun 0 Path=/dev/vg0/data,Type=blockio
        Alias srvtgt0
        MaxConnections  1

iSCSI initiator

Install the required software (running Debian Squeeze)

aptitude install open-iscsi

node.startup = automatic

node.session.auth.authmethod = CHAP
node.session.auth.username = user1
node.session.auth.password = passwd

# check for targets:
iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p
# connect:
iscsiadm --mode node --targetname iqn.2012-12.local.srv:target0 --portal --login
# verify:
iscsiadm --mode session
tcp: [1],1 iqn.2012-12.local.srv:target0
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