Git for Windows

Which software package is right when you want git on Windows?

I seldomly install git on Windows. But when I have to, I am always confused which software I have to install i n which order. So I wrote it down:

TortoiseGit Installation Notes

  • Install the 64 bit version (32 bit not needed on 64 bit systems)
  • Just install, old versions will be replaced
  • Use TortoiseGitPlink when asked

msysgit Installation Notes

  • Install after TortoiseGit
  • Windows Explorer integration not needed (Tortoise will handle that)
  • I choose 'Use Git from Git Bash only'
  • … and 'Checkout as-is, commit as-is' (my editor will handle LF and CRLF)

In the future, you'll want to have a look at git for windows. That's t he successor to msysgit.

GitHub Windows
If you are going to use Git with GitHub only, you might want to use the neatly integrated Windows client from GitHub:

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