The home of FreeBSD is

BSD has long been there before Linux and still is one of the major players in the unix world.

Some noteworthy FreeBSD-derived operating system distributions are:

  • pfsense - the best open source router and firewall I have ever seen
  • freenas - an open source storage platform

In FreeBSD there are many things slightly different compared to GNU Linux. I'm starting right here to document what I had to lookup because some of the well known Linux commands won't work with BSD.

Networking and routing

How to print your network and routing information:

netstat -nr

Delete a route:

route del

Add a route:

route add -net

Add default route:

route add -net default

mount usb stick

# have a look if the stick is connected:
camcontrol devlist

# show partition (slice) scheme:
fdisk -s /dev/da0

# and finally mount the stick:
mount -t msdosfs /dev/da0s1 /mnt
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