Debian GNU/Linux

Some hints which don't fit elsewere at the moment :-)

         _sudZUZ#Z#XZo=_         DDDD   EEEEEE BBBB   IIIIII  AAAA   NN   NN
      _jmZZ2!!~---~!!X##wa       DD DD  EE     BB BB    II   AA  AA  NNN  NN
   .<wdP~~            -!YZL,     DD  DD EEEEE  BBBBB    II   AAAAAA  NNNN NN
  .mX2'       _%aaa__     XZ[.   DD  DD EE     BB  BB   II   AA  AA  NN NNNN
  oZ[      _jdXY!~?S#wa   ]Xb;   DDDD   EEEEEE BBBBB  IIIIII AA  AA  NN   NN
 _#e'     .]X2(     ~Xw|  )XXc
..2Z`      ]X[.       xY|  ]oZ(
..2#;      )3k;     _s!~   jXf`   Linux Version 2.6.26-2-686-bigmem
 1Z>      -]Xb/    ~    __#2(    Compiled #1 SMP Sat Jun 11 15:00:52 UTC 2011
 -Zo;       +!4ZwaaaauZZXY'      Four 2.13GHz Intel Pentium Xeon Processors, 2GB RAM
  *#[,        ~-?!!!!!!-~        17071 Bogomips Total

What else to find in the debian corner:

keyboard layout

If you want to change your keyboard layout (if the us default has been installed) to e.g. a german layout:

  1. dpkg-reconfigure locales (choose the locale you need, e.g. German
  2. dpkg-reconfigure console-data
    1. OK
    2. choose keymap from list
    3. querz
    4. German
    5. Standard
    6. latin1 - no dead keys
    7. OK

The alternatives system

You can easy specify (for all users) what editor should be used:

# shows what's configured:
update-alternatives --display editor
# joe will be the standard editor to be used:
update-alternatives --set editor /usr/bin/joe 
# or to use vim instead:
update-alternatives --set editor /usr/bin/vim.basic

Iceweasel and Flash

To update Adobe Flash Player on Debian Wheezy with Iceweasel 17 the following command will do:

sudo update-flashplugin-nonfree --install
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