Pimp Your Directory Index

I used this to give some additional information about our local Debian mirror.

create your .htaccess with the following contents:

ReadmeName README
HeaderName HEADER
<Files ~ "(README|HEADER)$">
ForceType text/html
Options +Indexes
IndexIgnore images *.ico

put something like this into your HEADER:

         <TITLE>Local Debian Mirror</TITLE>
        <H1>Debian Mirror</H1><HR>
        <P>Welcome to this local Debian mirror! </P>
        <P>To use this mirror add the following to your
           <TT>/etc/apt/sources.list</TT> <br>
           <TT><B>deb http://debmirror.local.example.com/debian/ sqzeeze main non-free contrib</B></TT>
           <TT><B>deb http://debmirror.local.example.com/debian/ wheezy main non-free contrib</B></TT>

if you want to put some text into the page footer create a file README and enter some HTML code:

<address>Mirrored: Squeeze + Wheezy</address>
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